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Who We Are

Our mission

With our overall goal to enhance and contribute to economic upliftment of Africa, we provide the tools innovators need to shatter the status quo. Our accelerator, incubators, masterclasses & investments make us the only wall-to-wall enterprise and supplier development company in South Africa.

Since 2014 we’ve obsessively honed what we are good at: providing the expert skills, business support and access to capital that entrepreneurs and businesses need to sustainably grow. We are incomparably proficient at working with small but promising (high-growth potential) businesses in upstream industries that require a mix of deep technical expertise, robust sales strategies & to-the-minute data insights to succeed.

We believe all great achievements have a singular currency, people. As such our approach places the human being, the entrepreneur or leader, at its centre with a clear focus on personal development whilst our teams work on business issues.

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What We Do

Any entrepreneur can succeed

Much money has been invested in many business ventures through various ED funds, government funding, and grants. While funding plays an important role, other aspects are often left out of the equation. At MyGrowthFund, we consider and incorporate all three of these elements within our programs, namely funding, market access, and business development (i.e., incubation and mentoring).

We partner with corporate, development finance institutions, and HNWI to develop the next generation of business leaders and innovators through mentorship, funding and facilitating market access.

Access to suitable markets

Provides the entrepreneur to multiple clients to improve on their sustainability.

Access to funding

Provides the entrepreneur with the right finance at the right business cycle.

Access to business development

Mentoring related to technical support required for scaling a business the entrepreneur has the ability to leverage existing expertise from proven successful methodologies.


10x revenue growth in 3 years

Our investment thesis is built on a simple goal, drive the business to 10x revenue growth in 3years. Whilst we are a sector agnostic investment company, we do not consider investments in the sin sectors. What makes us different is that we formed our first investment fund with a R10million endowment by our founder and our patron. We tried, tested, proved and disproved parts of our investment thesis with our own funds.

Today, as we raise of first LP fund, we draft our PPM with the full authority of what works & what doesn’t. Over the past half-decade, we realised that beyond our capital investment, real entrepreneurs needed a strong hand-holding through the everyday narrow crevices’ & vast pitfalls of building a high-growth business.

For this reason, we built an administratively thorough and intense program of mentoring out investee companies. Our Top40 Business Amplifier was a first of its kind in the SA landscape & from it was a 15% success rate of businesses under mentorship.

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A word from our Patron

Dear Mr Thembekwayo,

Thank you very much for offering me to serve as an honorary patron in your company, MyGrowthFund.

I appreciate your discussing the goals with me recently, and also for giving me time consider your offer. Many aspects of what you are doing and what you intend to achieve, resonate with my perception of the type of initiatives we need to take our country forward. It is therefore, with humble honour that I accept the invitation to be an Honorary Patron. The invitation has filled me with a strong sense of pride and I would like to thank you and the entire team for this singular honour.

I am eager to lend my support and champion your organisation’s objectives, as you seek “to unlock funding opportunities, provide access to market and accelerate business growth in revenues, technical competence and personal leadership”

These activities are clearly aimed at promoting black business activity, black economic empowerment, and job creation, inter alia.

In today's world, entrepreneurship is more important than ever. We need entrepreneurs to build new industries, create new businesses, grow the country, and develop innovations.

I am so excited to be a part of MyGrowthFund as a Patron of the firm. I endorse the programs of the firm and wish every entrepreneur luck and success on their journey.

Chairman & Director: Dr R.JP. Maponya


Enterprise Supplier Development

Our Goal

Our vision is to develop 300 businesses by the year 2030.

Our accelerator, incubators, masterclasses & investments make us the only wall-to-wall enterprise and supplier development company in South Africa.

We exist to include the excluded by the facilitation better access to markets, funding, and mentors. Our ESD team begins by understanding clients' needs and then build a tailored ESD program that meets not only the business objectives of the partner client but also meaningfully contributes to the upliftment of the community where the impact is desired.

We have developed IP that ensures the measurability of the programs that we develop for clients as well as develop a digitally enabled reporting tool that allows clients to track the progress of their programs remotely and with accuracy.

To inquire about our ESD programs, please click here

Top40 Accelerator


MyGrowthFund VC developed the most daring accelerator program Southern Africa has ever seen. Our recruitment campaign saw over 4,000 hopefuls apply to be part of the MGF TOP40 accelerator. The stated objective of the program was to accelerate the growth of the participants' businesses that they achieve 2x revenue growth in 18months.

Hamida Omar

How did the accelerator help my business

Hamida Omar is a proud Kenyan, now resident in South Africa who started her business after a long career in corporate. She leaves a room warmer than she found it with her smile and warm charm. Have Hamida was in our Top40 accelerator was an incredible experience in human connectedness, kindness and authenticity.

Arnold Moyo

How did the accelerator help my business

Arnold Moyo is a quintessential salesperson. A Zimbabwean by birth, he is a partner to a logistics business and manages the operations of the business. With a natural charisma that draws people to him, Arnold has his eye set on disrupting the oligopolies that dominate logistics industry.

Bhekumusa Mahlangu

How did the accelerator help my business

Bhekumusa is the kind of entrepreneur who takes the long-term view, invests in people and opportunities and believes in building his business with integrity. During the Top40 accelerator we saw him making bold moves further up the value chain, investing in manufacturing line to produce audio equipment for the eventing industry. We believe this is the first page in the “Book of Bheki.”

Brainbow Marketing

How did the accelerator help my business

Being a lone entrepreneur is difficult. Being a duo is hard. However the idea of three founders starting a business in one of the most difficult industries to create a brand and reliable income stream seems crazy. And it is! Kutlwano, Mukoni & Chuli who started their business after a chance meeting at university. They joined the Top40 Accelerator eager with ideas and brimming with hope. Our role was to help them craft a revenue model, test and implement it and then professionalise their operating model. What are proud of these phenomenal young ladies and look forward to what they will achieve in the Fashion industry.

P&H Boutique

How did the accelerator help my business

Papa and Hetty are stand-out successes of the Top40 accelerator. They each started with a corporate career, Papa and Actuarial Analyst and Hetty an Executive, they escaped the comfort of Sandton to start their African inspired fashion print business. They joined the accelerator with two stores and had six stores at the end of the accelerator. Relentless, curious, humble and driven, Papa and Hetty are sure to have the name P&H in lights soon.

Top40 report

At MGF, performance and monitoring forms an integral part of every accelerator that we develop and manage. We believe nothing can tell our story better than the numbers. Below are the performance results for our flagship Top40 accelerator. Small businesses exist in the broader economic eco-system and their performance is reliant upon national policy frameworks and the economy’s viability. Throughout 2017, South Africa’s economic performance was somewhat bleak and only picking up in the last quarter. Growth prospects were revised downwards as a result of a technical recession experienced in the 1st quarter of 2017.

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We are building entrepreneurs

Imagine how impactful your strategy would be if you could connect your ESD program with your skills development strategy. The multiplier effect would have an impact on your scorecard that is hard for the market to match.

MyGrowthFund offers fully accredited mentoring & training programs for the innovators of tomorrow. Our training programs are aimed at innovators and business owners who have transformational ideas.

In an effort to address youth unemployment, our business trainings specifically empower the up-and-coming generation to build their own small enterprises, thereby becoming economically active and contributing citizens.

Finally, together with our Corporate partners, in an effort to reinvest in and empower local communities, our Community Skill Development - Artisanal Training Programmes prepares and enables these very communities to deliver quality work and further establish a secure income to better their livelihoods.

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Dear Customer

I am procurement specialist

Dear procurement specialist,

We know that your single largest fear is appointing a service provider that doesn’t meet their performance metrics. The risk of part of the supply chain being compromised is a business-critical consideration. Our Business Amplifier is aimed at systematically de-risking new (black and often small) suppliers by working with the business owner to identify & ratify the issues that plague their businesses.

To find out more about how we can partner with you to help you transform your supply chain
with compromise the integrity of your system, contact us here.

I am a transformation executive

Dear transformation executive,

Business transformation is amongst the most important considerations when looking at the reputational risk of any South African business today. You simply can no-longer claim to be a good corporate citizen without contributing to meaningful transformation. However, whilst you are given the responsibility of transformation, we recognize that you often have to work with stakeholders whose primary considerations are financial, and performance based. This misalignment means that your performance depends on having strong partners and service providers with whom to work and collaborate.

To start a frank & empowering conversation with us on how we can help you in your journey
to place transformation at the centre of the next board meeting, contact us here.

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Thank you for taking the time to browse through our online home. Our aim is for this website to be a safe space for you, our client, to get more information.

No sales pitches. No product pitches. Just a good quality engagement.

Now then, one of the hardest parts of this industry is the presumption of knowledge. The truth is that we are all still learning. The newly published regulations, the constantly reviewed sector charters and the ever-moving dial of what constitutes real empowerment, makes this industry very dynamic and therefore expertise, a fluid concept.

We promise every single client a COMPLIMENTARY assessment of their current programs & a detailed plan of how to bridge that gap with meaningful programs that are aligned to your corporate strategy. 

Caution: if you are simply looking to spend your way into a decent scorecard or create the PR (illusion) of impact, we are not the partner for you. We partner with clients that want real and measurable impact in real communities. (+27) 011 312 7551

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